(91305-028-900) O Ring 9.0x1.6 Atc70 1984 Usa

(91305-028-900) O Ring 9.0x1.6 photo

ATC70 1984 USA (91305-028-900) O RING 9.0X1.6 91305028158, fits Honda

: Honda
: 91305028158
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this product is superseded by 91305028900
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These superb Honda engines deserve nothing less than top quality genuine Honda O-RING SEALS Cheaper pattern copies may look O.K - But can let down an otherwise great engine build!
This is the 9 x 1.6 O-RING

  • Don't take any chances insist on only genuine Honda OIL SEALS, O-RINGS and GASKETS.
  • Our pro-workshop gasket sealant: 08C70K0234M to complete the job like a professional - As used by the Honda Motor Company in Japan!

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    The (91305-028-900) O Ring 9.0x1.6 appears in these Atc70 1984 Usa parts lists:

    Small Image Of Cylinder Head   Cylinder
    Small Image Of Gasket Kit A



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    Re: gear lever
    If you can not get the correct OEM original , try looking at other gear levers for similar Hon..

    gear lever
    im looking for a gear lever for a 1983 honda atc 70 anyone any ideas cheers francis