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Honda modelname 2000 2000-Honda-XRV750 AFRICA TWIN 2000 (Y) EUROPEAN DIRECT SALES
Honda modelname 1992 1992-Honda-CR250R ELSINORE 1992 (N) EUROPEAN DIRECT SALES
Honda modelname 1985 1985-Honda-QR50 1985 (F) EUROPEAN DIRECT SALES
Honda modelname 1977 1977-Honda-CB550F2 SUPER SPORT 550 FOUR 1977 ENGLAND
Honda modelname 1982 1982-Honda-XL500R 1982 (C) USA
Honda modelname 1980 1980-Honda-CX500C CUSTOM 1980 (A) GERMANY / FULL POWER
Honda modelname 1975 1975-Honda-XL250 MOTOSPORT K0 1975 USA
Honda modelname 1971 1971-Honda-CD50H 1971 THE NETHERLANDS
Honda modelname 1983 1983-Honda-XL600R 1983 (D) USA
Yamaha modelname 1979 1979-Yamaha-DT175 1979 USA
Honda modelname 1988 1988-Honda-VFR750R RC30 1988 (J) EUROPEAN DIRECT SALES
Honda modelname 1994 1994-Honda-C70CW CUB 1994 (R) / HSQ
Yamaha modelname 1976 1976-Yamaha-XT500 1976 DUAL PURPOSE USA
Honda modelname 2007 2007-Honda-VFR800 2007 (7) ACCESS
Suzuki modelname 2016 2016-Suzuki-GS1100LT 1980 (T) USA (E03)
Suzuki modelname 2016 2016-Suzuki-GS1000L 1979 (N) USA (E03)
Kawasaki modelname 1976 1976-Kawasaki-KH250A5 1976 CANADA
Honda modelname 1988 1988-Honda-SA50 VISION 1988 (J) BELGIUM
Honda modelname 1988 1988-Honda-XL600V TRANSALP 1988 (J) SPAIN
Yamaha modelname 1981 1981-Yamaha-XT500


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Honda CIVIC SB1 CIVIC SB11976 Honda CIVIC SB1 Wednesday, June 22, 2016, Jeroen Jansen wrote:
Don't know if my italian spelling is correct, but you're doing a nice build.
Suzuki FR50 FR501982 Suzuki FR50 Monday, June 13, 2016, Yorkiebar wrote:
Nice bike wish mine looked like that
Honda XR200R XR200R1982 Honda XR200R Tuesday, March 8, 2016, Peter Huner wrote:
Hi there, Nice bike and a nice area to ride through! Over here, in the Netherlands, I can ride my own XR200R 1981 only over flat country.
Have fun, Peter.
Honda SS 50 MK1 SS 50 MK11973 Honda SS 50 MK1 Wednesday, December 9, 2015, New Service Racing Cuoco wrote:
Hello I am French and I search a Honda ss 50MK1 is what you have a vehicle to sell to me or could you give me an address or I could buy this vehicle. It is sentimental and I really wish to find this machine Thank you Best regards
Honda CUB RA CUB RA1993 Honda CUB RA Wednesday, December 2, 2015, Dome wrote:
Πού το βρήκες αυτό φίλε μου; Πρώτη φορά βλέπω τέτοιο Cub.
Kawasaki 1991 A5  KMX200 1991 A5  KMX2001991 Kawasaki 1991 A5: KMX200 Thursday, November 26, 2015, Jason Morgan wrote:
Hi does anyone know where I can buy a new rear disc cover for a kmx 200 in red please would be a great help
Thank you
Honda XLR 250 BAJA XLR 250 BAJA1987 Honda XLR 250 BAJA Tuesday, November 17, 2015, Stea Francesco C/o De Sio Gianluca wrote:
Hi Dome, it's Francesco. I've sent you some email...have you received them? Please, I need to have some news about the twin headlights for Honda XLR250 Baja. Wait your reply soon...ciao.
Honda XLR 250 BAJA XLR 250 BAJA1987 Honda XLR 250 BAJA Thursday, November 12, 2015, Dome wrote:
Hello again Francesco.My e-mail address is send me an e-mail and we shall discuss there.
Honda XLR 250 BAJA XLR 250 BAJA1987 Honda XLR 250 BAJA Thursday, November 12, 2015, Stea Francesco C/o De Sio Gianluca wrote:
Hi Dome, thank you for the reply. Actually, I have the twin headlights for the Honda XR250 Baja (with cage, bracket, fixed plate, small parts, etc. etc. but I had to switch the original bulbs with a low/high beam in led bulbs and I had to use the little Honda Ruckus/Zoomer horn and all parts works very well). Now, I want to find the same twin headlights like your (for the Honda XLR 250 Baja) with bracket, cage and wiring (but I don't need the capacitor and the original horn) because I think that it have the right size and fits on my Honda XL200R Paris-Dakar perfectly. If you have the item that exactly I want to find, can you tell me your latest best price with cheapest shipping cost from Greece to Italy mainland included? Dome please, no "stratospheric" price request because I am an simply worker. Can you send me your email address so we can have private conversation? Thank's a lot...ciao.
Honda XLR 250 BAJA XLR 250 BAJA1987 Honda XLR 250 BAJA Wednesday, November 11, 2015, Dome wrote:
Finding a complete set is not too difficult,but 90% of the time you don't get the capacitor and horn along with the headlights and brackets,and that's a problem.The only set available right in now is way over your budget,so i will keep looking.Should i find something,i will post it here.


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